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How IAP Worldwide Is Enhancing The Development Of Technology For Service Delivery September 22, 2016

IAP Worldwide is based on the idea that technology can be used to make life easier and their main idea when coming up with infrastructure is to ensure reliability and cost-effectiveness, things they have seamlessly achieved in most of their missions. The company has for a long time worked with professionals in different industries offering clients technical support and logistics services necessary to make their processes a success.

Acquiring new technology and working with more employees has helped IAP Worldwide to inject useful support to the company. This has seen them grow from a small company as was in 1953 to an international brand working in more than 20 countries and employing over 2000 experts.

Cyber systems security
Data encryption and protection of information is one of the things IAP Worldwide takes into consideration when dealing with clients in various industries. They have a team that is tasked with the testing and installation of cyber security systems that make their work easier. The company has worked with leading technology companies to source for materials that have assisted them in the installation of security systems in various industries.

Additionally, they have invested in the provision of long haul fiber and communications and information systems. As explained on their online IT and communications page, they have reverted to the development of technology that can be upgraded to conform to needs over time.

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Contractor logistics support
Also in their line of work is contractor logistics support for different specialties. These services include engineering design, supply chain management and inventory management, all which are offered through innovative procedures and the application of modern technology. IAP also offers industrial repair, maintenance and overhaul, so they have technology fit for services in virtually all areas of operation.

Working to improve government services
More importantly, IAP Worldwide has worked with the government to bring services closer to the people and in a cost-effective manner. In this pursuit, they have worked with the military in bases away from the U.S. and have been vital in ensuring they receive expeditionary support and technical services that are ideal for such a setup.

The technological solutions availed include communication, logistics and supply chain. IAP also offers emergency response services that ensure when lives are at risk the necessary support is delivered to enhance the responsiveness of the government bodies that act during such situations. In addition to offering power and medical support, they provide infrastructure assessments and environmental management. 

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Marc Sparks and His Entrepreneurial “Spark Tank” Challenge September 21, 2016

Marc Sparks has an entrepreneurial spirit and he is the man to talk to about any business ideas you may have. He succeeded in transforming a run down homeless shelter into a $3,000,000 operation that now provides not only a place to sleep for over 200 people a night, it also feeds them. It seems very fitting that after his success working with the Samaritan Inn homeless shelter, a man like Mr. Sparks would be responsible for a progressive idea like the Spark Tank.

The Spark Tank is perhaps a long overdue idea that can and has made significant changes for the better by empowering non-profit groups who support their community. It’s not complicated, all one needs to do is submit their proposal to Spark Tank, and wait to see if they win the support needed for their cause. Choosing a winner from all the applications is often difficult, but Spark Tank is very thorough in their evaluations and try to make sure they pick the most noteworthy of them all.

The most recent recipient of the Spark Tank grant is “Mommies in Need,” which certainly sounds like a deserving cause. Families with a care-taker parent who has medical issues but can not afford to hire in-home childcare will benefit from this non-profit organization. Childcare will be provided by qualified, professional nannies at no cost to these already suffering families. Marc’s goal for the Spark Tank is to encourage new non-profits with a grant, and invaluable advice on how to present their idea to the world.

Proper presentation is a large part of what helps an idea thrive, instead of failing. Marc is a successful entrepreneur who believes that by funding grants, the path to social success is opened wider, and in one way or another we all learn from that. Helping others find their own road to success is the basic idea behind Spark Tank, and it has gotten off to a very good start. His accomplishments in life so far prove beyond any doubt helping others is a passion for Marc Sparks. Those who follow his teaching can only benefit.

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Hotel Rankings to A Finer Level September 13, 2016

As lodging visitors generally expect luxuries that used to be uncommon advantages like breakfast or Wi-Fi. The industry might achieve a consumer loyalty level. This indicated by the J.D. Power 2016 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study. The concentrate, now in its twentieth year. The index measures general visitor fulfillment crosswise over eight lodging fragments.

Rick Garlick, who is a global practice and hospitality lead at J.D. Power had stated,“Customers have responded well to the enhanced offerings provided by some hotel brands to create value, but as those perks become standard, customers are quick to ask, ‘What have you done for me lately?’” He had continued to state, “When guests no longer see added value in the quality of amenities they receive, the only option to truly differentiate a brand is to develop a strong service culture that makes guests feel special and appreciated.”

The concentrate finds that while fulfillment is higher among individuals from lodging rewards programs than among non-individuals. more youthful visitors are less inclined to be individuals than more seasoned visitors. In each generational gathering, consumer loyalty is higher among visitors who are part of a prize program.

Terry Baltes to declare the 36th commemoration of his organization, Baltes Commercial Realty, Ltd. Baltes established the organization in Dayton, Ohio in 1977. Baltes has served as the organization proprietor since the first moment. Terry established Baltes Commercial Realty, Ltd just five years after he completed school.

He moved on from The Ohio State University in 1972. There, he graduated with a triple Bachelor of Science degree in Real Estate, Marketing, and Finance. After his graduation, Terry Baltes realized that he needed to begin his own particular organization.

Terry Baltes has been goal-oriented with regards to offering properties outside of his local Ohio. Batles has made a way for hotel real estate and accomplished a successful business.

Commercial Realty With Terry Baltes

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Securus is Powering Prison Paperwork Through Automated Systems September 1, 2016

The prison industry faces significant challenges. Some of the problems include inefficiencies, problems with communication, and high rates of recidivism among others. Securus Technologies hopes to do its end of the bargain by launching innovative methods in the justice system. Russell Roberts, the Vice President in charge of marketing and strategy, says that Securus is committed to using technology to improve the criminal justice systems. While launching ConnectUs, he further confirmed that the initiative is one of the many that are already operational and others that are on the way.

The ConnectUs electronic forms can be used for grievances and sign-up documentations. Securus conducted the first phase of the technology, and it was successful. They estimated that approximately 14 forms are filled for every inmate in a month’s time. The number of documents handled translates to a significant drop in the time used by correction officers. About 65% of the time spent on documentation will now be available for other services with the system.

Prison services process various documents. The documents include medical, grievances, sign-up and others. Correction facilities are already saving big from this move. In Illinois, correction services have significantly cut costs on paperwork, printing services, and transport and filing systems. Such efforts will see the modernization of incarceration services possible. Jails have faced the wrath of neglect which has occasioned poor staff morale and inhuman conditions that did not help inmates in their quest for rehabilitation.

Securus Technologies is one of the leading prison solutions providers. They provide communication, intelligence, and criminal justice technological solutions. Their impact has been significant. ConnectUs electronic forms are available in 3450 correctional facilities in North America. The impact will be enormous, and the savings will be substantial for the criminal justice systems and the families of inmates. Prisoners will enjoy improved clearance time and proper filing of their records.

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David J. Osio: An Inspiration to Venezuela August 25, 2016

As of July 2016, Founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group David Osio, has approved the release of its ‘Davos CAP Calculator’ application to streamline understanding of net income, capitalization rates and the fluidity of cash for your real estate investments. It also gives you the ability to see how terms and conditions affect any current mortgage you already have, and the profitability of that mortgage. In addition, it can create a clearer picture and future projection before purchasing new real estate. Learn more: http://www.wrcbtv.com/story/32284716/david-osio-and-his-executive-team-at-davos-real-estate-group-launch-its-new-real-estate-application

This intuitive and valuable tool is now available at your fingertips for almost any mobile device or computer. According to Mr. Osio, “The application has been developed by our team of programmers and is available for free download from the iTunes Store for iPhone and iPad and Google Play for installation on mobile devices running Android.”

Davos Real Estate Group, a sister-company also founded and led by Mr. David Osio, has cutting-edge experts to assist with all the legalities of the real estate sales process including rent, mortgage, new developments and investments. Osio recommends diversifying your portfolio with added real estate, because it has less of a risk, higher performance, and is naturally protected from inflation.

David J. Osio began his career as a lawyer in 1988 and after two years, he took an intense interest in finances and real estate; he quickly established himself as a predominant and well-known member of the industry. He is presently Chief Executive Officer of Davos Financial Group, which prides itself as the very first financial advisory company in Venezuela and has now spread to several locations both inside and outside of the United States. Previous to this, Osio served as Vice President for Banco Latino International of Miami and Director for Escritorio Juridico MGO in Caracas, Venezuela.

In 1988, Mr Osio earned a law degree with honors from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, one of the biggest, most well-known and prestigious universities in Venezuela. After receiving his law degree, he continued his education at Instituto de Estudios Superiores Administrativos and the New York Financial Institute.

Above and beyond his aforementioned achievements, Mr. David Osio continues his impassioned financial support for charities such as the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital and the Wayuu Taya Foundation, and he thoroughly enjoys being a member of The Miami Symphony.

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Bury Bad News Without Delay August 23, 2016

Everyone should follow the basic advice of performing a self-directed Google search. People absolutely are advised to know what the search engines are showing about them. Business names should be run through the search engines as well. Finding out whether or not good or bad things are associated with the name is critical. Learning about the bad things is critical so steps can be taken to bury anything awful. To bury negative search results has to be a priority or else those results end up continuing to paint a very unflattering picture.

In very unfortunate instances, things end up spiraling out of control due to various unforeseen circumstances. Getting into trouble with the law would be a perfect example of how the search engine results become filled with bad news. Criminal and civil fiascos do drag good names into the press. The worst part of all this is the news makes someone look guilty or culpable even if he/she did nothing wrong. Taking steps to bury negative press is critical because the news about an exoneration is never going to be reported widely.

There just isn’t much interest in reading positive news as much as there is in reading about negative material. So, all that bad news ends up being circulated a lot more. The bad news could even come in the form of outrageous social media posts and more. Regardless of what the content is or where the source derives, to bury bad news has to become a major priority. As long as people are able to easily come across such things in the search engine results, negative consequences could – and likely will – result.

The only way to achieve a better search engine presence is to hire a legitimate online reputation management firm to handle these important tasks. Bury Bad Articles is one such company. The firm promises to drive down bad news, press, comments, and other items deep into the bowels of the search engines. By replacing the bad content with good content, Bury Bad Articles achieves this cause. Both businesses and individuals may get their untarnished names back.

Anyone who is dealing with the effect of bad news is advised to do something about it. Hiring valuable help is probably the best action to take. Only a skilled hand is going to know what to do to deal with the online mess.

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TOWN Residential and High-End Big Apple Real Estate August 19, 2016

New York, New York had some ambitious ideas for upcoming real estate developments in June. The majority of these were enormous efforts that centered around offices. One particularly noteworthy project is planned for Long Island City in Queens. It’s a Tishman Speyer undertaking that’s set to span close to a million square feet. Tishman Speyer is a commercial real estate firm that’s based in the Big Apple.

Another enormous project that’s set to start in the future is headed by Thor Equities, a New York real estate development firm. This firm has a Red Hook, Brooklyn office project in the works. The development is going to be located in front of the water.

TOWN Residential is a well-known real estate agency that’s located on Irving Place in New York. The firm specializes in all different types of real estate matters. People who are interested in purchasing condominiums regularly reach out to the professionals at TOWN Residential. The same goes for those who are interested in apartment rental. TOWN Residential has been part of New York’s real estate universe for half a decade. It has in that time frame, however, made a significant impact on the city. People who are searching for high-end real estate opportunities regularly depend on the seasoned staff members at this full-service firm.

TOWN Residential is equipped with a strong and seasoned leadership team. Its main executives are both Andrew Heiberger and Jacqueline Pestana. Its sales experts include Karen Gastiaburo, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Melissa True, Ari LeFauve, Gary Lacy, Dorothy Sexton, Juliett Clapp, Lina M. Viviano, Danielle Hamburger and Julia Miller. TOWN Residential’s new development specialists include Lauren Dub, Shlomi Reuveni, Jean Kwon, Byron Zapf and Maria P. Mainieri. The firm’s leasing and marketing aficionados include Gia Williams, Dan Marrello and Jamie Lauren Reimer. The staff at TOWN Residential is indeed extensive.

Although the agency’s primary location is on bustling Irving Place, it has numerous other offices in convenient areas all throughout New York City. TOWN Residential’s other offices are on Astor Place, in the Flatiron and in the Financial District. The company routinely organizes open house opportunities.

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Brian Bonar Named Cambridge’s Who’s Who August 12, 2016

Brian Bonar was named Cambridge’s Who’s Who Financial Executive of the Year in finance. Honorees are selected by a committee that examines their professional and academic accomplishments as well as their leadership. Only 4 executives (2 men and 2 women) receive this distinguished reward each year. Read more: Brian Bonar / People / MG2

As CEO and chairman of Dalrada Financial, Brian Bonar is well-known as a finance executive and has served the company for more than decade. The company serves as a Marketing Liaison for its clients (PEO businesses).

Dalrada provides clients with employee programs such as financial management, several kinds of risk management insurance, and employee and employer benefits. In addition, promotional and business services are supplied. All of these services are designed to increase the overall efficiency of a client company.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar’s 30 years of experience in professional management in the financial sector and his unique background has helped him accomplish a successful run at not only Dalrada, but also in his roles as Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services and the President of Allegiant Professional Business Service. With his impressive technical skills, he has held leadership and management roles in other positions like IBM and Adaptec.

Brian Bonar has even formed his own company, Bezier Systems, which was created to launch the first SCSI-based printer. His time a Bezier allowed his to move forward in his career. Educated at James Watt Technical College, Bonar earned a an undergraduate degree from the University of Strathclyde, a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and a doctorate from Stafford University.

Coupled with his educational background, Bonar’s experiences have honed his leadership skills and his approach to life. He is good with people and has skill in working with them. His technical education as an engineer has given him the know-how to build business structures that work. Mergers and acquisitions are a specialty of his.

Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.spokeo.com/Brian-Bonar

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Madison Street Capital is a Proven Provider of Outstanding Investment Banking Services August 11, 2016

Investment banking is a special branch of banking that specializes in the creation of capital for other firms, governments, and other notable entities. Investment banks can underwrite equity and debt securities for different types of companies, help in the trade of securities, and oversee mergers & acquisitions. The banks offer professional advice to issuers concerning issuing and stock placement.

How clients benefit from investment banks

Investment banks hire competent investment bankers who aid companies, governments, and other entities in making wise investment decisions. They oversee large projects and protect their customer’s money by determining the risks accompanying the project prior to allowing the client to move forward. Investment banks operate as intermediaries between a corporation and investors when the corporation plans to issue bonds or stocks.

Services provided by investment banks

Mergers and acquisitions: The banks offer expert guidance to buyers and sellers on the value of business, pricing, negotiation, and transactions structure. They oversee the entire M&A process and handle the complex financial transactions on behalf of their clients.

Research and trading: investment banks conduct rigorous market research and identify stocks that have higher ROI. They make trading easier by matching up buyers and sellers. Additionally, they use their money to purchase securities to foster the trading of securities.

Commercial banking services: upon the reverse of the Glass-Steagall act in 1999, investment banking firms can now provide services that were formerly off-limit such as commercial banking. This development has enabled investment banks to diversify their portfolio of services.

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a prestigious hedge fund firm that provides well-researched and proved financial advisory service. Its services are available to both individual and institutional clients across the globe. The company is committed to excellence and integrity when it comes to the provision of corporate financial advice, financial opinions, M&A acquisitions, and valuation services to businesses of different types and varied sizes. Their unique services enable customers to thrive in the international marketplace.

Although the firm has offered financial opinions to several established corporation, it has focused its expertise in collaborating with medium-sized companies to navigate complicated financial transactions successfully and realize the best possible result. The company’s reliable financial professionals work in close collaboration with customers and ensure their ideas are put into action. The professionals know that every client’s need is unique; thus, they thoroughly analyze each client’s desires to match him or her with appropriate buyers and sellers, capitalization structures, and financing. The firm shared the performance of the hedge fund industry in 2015 and its strategic growth plan for 2016. The report indicates that the firm closed 42 hedge fund deals. The Q4 of 2015 was the most successful season for Madison Street Capital. The firm expect an increase in transaction volume in 2016.

Follow Madison on Facebook and Twitter – @MadStCap

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IAP Worldwide Is Dedicated to Better Serving Their Customers August 4, 2016

In November 2015, IAP Worldwide announced that they would obtain the companies of DRS Aviation and Logistics (A&L) and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions (TCNS) in order to provide more services to their impressive list of clients, which includes the U.S. government. IAP Worldwide offers logistics, technical support, staffing support, and warehouse management throughout the world to organizations and governments. Their services allow them to act quickly and responsibly when their clients need them most and provide them with a variety of services to support their missions.

IAP, which stands for Ingenuity and Purpose, is always seeking better ways to serve their customers. The recent acquisition is one of many that have been made throughout the company’s history. In 2004, they acquired Johnson Controls Worldwide Services (JCWS), who had previously acquired Pan Am World Services. Pan Am World Services was contracted by the United States government to build and manage the first space launch complex in Cape Canaveral, Florida in the 1950’s. Pan Am World Services supported the United States in making history by testing missiles and establishing the manned shuttle program.

IAP Worldwide continues its service to the government and prides itself on being able to support its clients throughout the world quickly, effectively, and efficiently. Their mission and values encourage their employees to be freethinkers and to possess a think out-of-the-box mentality. This allows IAP to be able to accomplish tasks deemed impossible by others and encourages the mutual respect and support between their employees and clients.

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IAP Worldwide Services Inc Panama City FL, 32405

The new additions of A&L and TCNS are to be integrated into the new Aviation & Engineering Solutions unit alongside IAP’s preexisting National Security Programs unit. This will contribute greatly to the company’s already impressive portfolio and will service their customers more completely than they has been able to in the past.

IAP Worldwide continues to deliver what they promise and take their responsibilities to their customers seriously. They work tirelessly to solve their client’s most challenging problems. IAP offers the flexibility and creative freethinking skills necessary to accomplish the most difficult tasks. They continue to assist the U.S. government and other organizations in missions to provide the best service where they are needed, when they are needed with unrivaled speed, efficiency, and dedication.

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