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Brian Bonar: Jack of All Trades June 13, 2016

When one hears the name Brian Bonar, they immediately stand up and pay attention when it comes to the world of Finance. With almost thirty years of experience, it would be hard not to give the man the respect he deserves. Thirty years of experience means he has seen a lot in his career.

His career, just like life, has had great moments and some challenges. However, what stands out to me is the fact that he is stood face first in the face of these challenges and never backed down from them. He is a solutions kind of guy. He believes there is a solution for every problem. He doesn’t believe in woe is me or playing the victim or pity card. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://xrepublic.net/2015/09/03/brian-bonar-trains-his-employees-in-exceptional-customer-service/

Because of this, he is honored to receive the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance. Only two men and two women receive this award every year, so when you do receive it, it means you have been doing something right in Finance. He has been the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation for a decade.

This position means he has a great deal of responsibility and a lot on his plate. However, he sees that as a positive. It means he has been trusted enough to handle it and they know he can handle it. They wouldn’t give this job to just anyone. You have to earn it through hard work, grit, and showing you can tackle problems. Read more: Board of Directors – Dalrada Financial and Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

Like with any job, problems will arise. He handles them like a great quarterback in the fourth quarter. He has poise and confidence without being cocky.

In addition to that, he is chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: STTN), and President of Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc. (Pink Sheets: APRO). That is three companies that have trusted him in some high level position. Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.whitepages.com/name/Brian-Bonar

That says a lot about his character and his work ethic. The great news is that even though he has the experience, he is only getting started. The future is bright for him and the companies.

He has a youthful excitement about his work. It never gets old to him and it’s never boring. It’s always fresh, exciting, and fun. As long as you are having fun at your job, it doesn’t feel like a job. That’s why Brian Bonar has lasted so long. He’s still having fun, he’s still learning, and he’s still looking for ways to expand the businesses.

He knows that growth is a huge part of the job and how you stay afloat during tough or difficult times. You are one step ahead of the competition and you have the right plan in place to succeed.

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Lime Crime: The Perfect Makeup for the Eccentric June 8, 2016

Lime Crime is a makeup company established in 2008, by Russian born and New York City resident, Doe Deere. As Doe first began selling bright-hued clothes on eBay she was shocked that she was not able to find any makeup produced on the market that was quite bright enough to compliment her clothing lines.

Before the launch of Lime Crime’s Unicorn lipstick line, there had never been a cosmetic company to produce such an extreme lipstick shades such as lime green, bright purple, and true blue. As the Unicorn lipsticks were well-received by consumers, Doe introduced another line known as “Velveteens.” Velvetines are lipsticks which are applied in liquid form. Once the liquid dries, the lipstick takes on the look of a high-quality, matte finish that lasts.  The best place to buy Velvetines is on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Lime-Crime-code-name-saverooms00005-Velvetines-Wicked/dp/B00LMJKMPQ

From the take-off of Lime Crime’s lipstick lines, Doe later expanded her makeup collections by adding more bright colors. She also began producing eye shadows that are bold, unique, and exotic.

The reason that Lime Crime is so successful and popular these days more than 8 years after the company began its production of unique cosmetics is because there truly is not another cosmetic company out there that makes such a diverse variety of bold eye shadows and lipsticks. Additionally, the matte finish quality of the Velvetines are one of Lime Crime’s strongest selling points.

For consumers who want the quality that is packed into Lime Crime’s cosmetic products and that really cannot find such a selection of hues and shades, Lime Crime makeup is their only option.

Additionally, Lime Crime cosmetics allows consumers to make their own unique fashion statement as they express their individual personality through trying different types of makeup and makeup application techniques.

If you love to experiment with makeup and want to show off your eccentric nature, then Lime Crime is definitely the ideal place to purchase your cosmetics.

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A Romantic Makeup Tutorial By Wengie June 6, 2016

Few things are more impressive than the power of makeup– except maybe the power of love. When both of those things are able to be combined, truly wondrous, entertaining things happen, and the public thankfully gets to witness them. Wengie is an Australian beauty blogger with a roaring sense of humor that is much appreciated by her millions of followers across the globe. The public knows of Wengie’s boyfriend, but he is often too shy to appear on camera…until recently.

As the camera rolled, Wengie’s boyfriend did her makeup for Halloween, which was a totally stellar imitation of “Attack on Titan Annie.” Though he did not want his face seen directly, his joy was certainly felt as he worked tirelessly to combine whites with reds, and beiges with other blended colors. The pair’s laughs were contagious, and the audience could truly feel their love as this magical character began to unfold.

About halfway through the fun, the camera switched settings, and the voices became really high pitched, which ultimately led to more laughter. Believe it or not, the blogger’s boyfriend is pretty artistic and had solid technique when it came to the application; blending and contouring were no problem for the artist. It was revealed later on that all he had to do was look at a picture, and he went to work. The final product was truly astounding.

As Wengie modeled off her flawless, eye-catching makeup, the audience surely felt a sting of awe, and perhaps a little jealousy of the wonderful relationship shared by the blogger and her boyfriend. More couples should share common interests like Wengie and her beau do, and record them so the rest of the public can enjoy!


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Ross Abelow and His Charity Drive June 2, 2016

Ross Abelow has started a charity fund drive on GoFundMe to benefit homeless animals and animal shelters in New York City. His goal is to acquire $5,000. The drive was launched in January, inspired by record cold temperatures and homeless animals who have no alternative but to endure it. Right now the extant shelters don’t have enough funds or room to provide medical care, vaccines, blankets, and food for every homeless animal that needs it.

Abelow graduated from Brooklyn Law School and has full licensing to practice law. He is a lawyer who specializes in family, matrimonial, entertainment, athletic and commercial law. And for Abelow its more than just a job. He is extremely proud to be a part of a profession that represents people in criminal and civil law cases. He is also proud to serve just as a legal advisor when it is needed. He is very willing to sit on the sidelines of big or small cases just to give educated opinions about the case. He already knows the answers to most legal intricacies and will willingly do the grunt work to find out answers to those things he doesn’t know. Ross Abelow has had a brilliant career, representing some very rich and famous people.

Abelow is so sought after as a lawyer because he is known for delivering the very best defense, even when the situation is at its most bleak and the outcome looks most unpromising. In addition, he is popular among celebrities because he is an expert on reading and analyzing career contracts. They trust him because he is the very best at accurately reading all the technicalities of the proposed contract. He is said to be paving the way for a future of top-notch New York City lawyers. Prospective clients can find him listed in the Lawyer Lighthouse. He is active in social media where he has advertised his GoFundMe campaign. He is confident that there are enough animal lovers out there to make his drive a true success. And with Abelow’s knack for success, he’s probably right. You rest assured that next winter there is going to be more warm and well-cared for homeless dogs.

Follow Ross Abelow on Twitter and Facebook

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San Francisco District Attorney Under Scrutiny After Crusading Against Corruption May 26, 2016

An ex-president of the San Francisco Police union has submitted a sworn testimony that casts doubt on District Attorney George Gasçon’s motives in fighting corruption within the police department. Former Police Officers Association president Gary Delagnes presented his testimony to the same committee that D.A. Gasçon has formed to investigate allegations of police misconduct which involve officers in the department exchanging racist and homophobic text messages that pertain to official matters. Delagnes alleges that District Attorney Gasçon’s motives in taking on police corruption have more to do with political ambitions that they do with actual misconduct.

As detailed here: http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Ex-police-union-leader-s-explosive-charge-6864230.php, Delagnes is attempting to paint the District Attorney’s crack down on police misconduct as a manufactured crisis designed to gain political ground for Gasçon, who was formerly the Chief of Police and, according to Delagnes; hardly a squeaky clean whistle blower. Delagnes recalls a 2010 dinner meeting that took place at a restaurant and was attended by Delagnes, then-chief Gasçon, and other union officials, at which he alleges that Gasçon became intoxicated and made loud racist comments while remembering his time employed by the Los Angeles Police Department, making such a scene that fellow patrons asked that he quiet down or leave. Also in attendance at this dinner was current Police Officers Association President Martin Halloran, who states that if asked about the incident described above he will vouch for Delagnes. A spokesperson for the District Attorney’s office has released a statement saying that Gary Delagnes cannot be considered credible.

Delagnes’s bombshell comes just as District Attorney Gasçon made waves in February when he expressed exasperation with union rules that stood in the way of reform. Unhindered by Delagnes’s allegations, the D.A.’s office continues to battle corruption: on March 1st announcing that misdemeanor and felony charges would be filed against three sheriff’s deputies accused of arranging fights between inmates at the county prison.


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Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital May 23, 2016

Stephen Murray left a great legacy at CCMP Capital after many years of hard work. When he first started, CCMP Capital was a small company with little influence in the industry. Over time, he was able to build up the company by providing value to customers. The employees at the company loved working under him for many years. Even during hard economic times, CCMP Capital continued to grow because of the culture that Stephen Murray built. Read more: CCMP :: Team

Stephen Murray

In the early part of his career, Stephen Murray knew that he wanted to help other people succeed. He never though that he would run a large company during his career. After many years of hard work, he was finally appointed as the CEO. When he took over, there were a lot of things that needed to be fixed. After hiring new employees, he improved the culture of the company within just a few months. This is a great example of how quickly a company can become profitable with the right leader. Read more: CCMP’s Murray dead at 52

Finding Investments

Many people need help with their investments. As more people than ever before near retirement, the demand for quality investment advice is higher than ever. Even though Stephen Murray passed away, the culture that he developed lives on. As CCMP Capital continues to grow, the company’s influence in the investment industry grows as well. Anyone who wants to work with a professional investment firm knows that CCMP Capital is a great option.

Future Plans

CCMP Capital had to replace a great CEO in Stephen Murray. Many people thought that the transition to a new CEO would be hard. However, Stephen Murray left a great transition plan. This plan allowed the company to grow after he left. Many people at CCMP Capital expect that the company will continue to grow rapidly.

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Businessman Darius Fisher offers his own Secrets to Success May 20, 2016

Businessman Darius Fisher offers his own Secrets to Success

Darius Fisher is known as a very successful business entrepreneur who also happens to be both the president and cofounder of an online reputation management firm called Status Labs, which is mainly known for solving problems involving specifically digital crisis management and creating and executing strategies for these problems to help their clients with the various problems they are experiencing. Clients come to Status Labs with different problems such as Google search results and social media involved issues. Status Labs has several different high-end successful clients such as several Fortune 500 companies, several different well known public figures, and some of the highest paid politicians and athletes. Status Labs is currently a business known globally and has clients in thirty-five different companies. Darius Fisher originally started his career as a political consultant, where his main job duty was to focus on political advocacy throughout the state of California and also worked as a part-time copywriter on the side. Fisher explains that one of his secrets to success is being given the best small business advice which is simply to find the quickest line to the money. He also explains that more up and coming entrepreneurs should be practicing more on selling in general rather than focusing on other types of nonsense that doesn’t contribute to the growth in your career.

Darius Fisher is very adamant regarding the topic of social media privacy and how essential it is; the only exception being if you are a well-known public figure or someone with a strong business case for making posts public. Fisher personally believes that the normal person’s Twitter or Facebook account should be kept private when you are an up and coming entrepreneur. As evident in this Daily Beast article, his opinion on this matter is quite strong with the key success secrets simply due to the ramifications people don’t normally think about before posting things on various social networks.

Around the date of September 16, 2015 spoke at a convention in Las Vegas Called Impact15, Darius presented several best practices for various different SEOs titled “Why the First Page of Google Search is the New First Impression,” where he shared very valuable information on the importance of both protecting and managing your personal online profile on the internet. Amongst other very important information that recognizes different Internet marketing strategies that are constantly evolving and how to keep up with them successfully. Follow Darius on Twitter @fisherdarius to keep up with his news and other information.

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Market Speculation Makes George Soros One of the Richest

George Soros remains to be an investing heavy-weight through his firm Soros Fund Management, which is now worth approximately $29 billion in assets. The former CEO Scott Bessent, left the company after running the company for four years to start his firm referred to as Key Square Group with $2 billion in seed capital according to information provided by Forbes Magazine. Ted Burdick is now the new CEO running the family office and a longtime supporter of liberal causes. George Soros is a strong supporter of the Democratic Party in the U.S., and he has thrown his wallet to Hillary Clinton in this year’s election cycle giving her over $8 million so far through the Super PACs.

George Soros is known for his controversial statements and prediction on the financial market which is the sole strategy he uses to make his wealth. Soros Fund Management, a firm he founded in 1973 evolved into a well-known company and respected Quantum Fund. For at least two decades he was the was the CEO of the company, he runs an aggressive and successful hedge fund that reportedly was making returns more than 30% per year and posting annual returns that were more than 100% according to Investopedia. Read more at http://www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/

George Soros was born in Hungary on August 12, 1930. He fled the Nazis in the mid-1940s and moved to the UK to study economics at the London School of Economics. In 1956, he moved to the U.S. and settled in New York City where he entered a life of finance. He worked in various companies and rose in ranks till 1973 when he decided to start his investment firm. George Soros began his philanthropic efforts in 1979 and his lifetime giving amounted to more than $7 billion in 2012 via Open Society Foundations.

Soros strategy to gain wealth through speculation has made his very famous especially about how he can gamble with the market to make a fortune. Recently, Soros sold some of his stock investments by more than a third and betting against the equities and banking on the gold. This decision translated to the value of Soros Fund Management to fall by 37% representing a $2.5 billion as of the end of March. Soros Fund Management disclosed to own bearish options contracts on 2.1 million shares of the SPDR 500 ETF Trust, which is an exchange-traded fund with a face value of $431 million by March 31. Read more at https://www.project-syndicate.org/columnist/george-soros

Soros also bought the SPDR Gold 1.05 million shares and the shares of the world’s biggest producer of Gold, Barrick Gold Corp., worth $264 million at the end of March. The acquisition of shares at Barrick represented a 1.7 percent holding of Barrick. Since then, the shares of Barrick have more than doubled this year as the company reduced its debt and implemented the cost-cutting efforts.

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Manse On Marsh Offers Social Events For Seniors May 18, 2016

Seniors do not have to worry about feeling lonely when they reside in an assisted living facility. There are plenty of assisted living facilities that host events and activities that encourage seniors to get to know their neighbors. Here are a few of the activities seniors can take part in at the Manse on Marsh facility.

High Tea Time: High Tea Time is an event in which seniors gather on the Atrium to enjoy a cup of tea. It is a great way for seniors to meet their neighbors, catch up with friends and just relax for an hour. Guests such as the San Luis Obispo Wind Orchestra may show up to play a little music during High Tea Time.

Pinata Time: Seniors who are looking to stay active can take turns hitting a pinata during Pinata Time. Pinata Time is full of movement, laughter and small prizes for everyone. Seniors can make small talk while waiting for their turn, crack jokes together and cheer on one another as they swing at the pinata.

Games: There are plenty of games that allow seniors to socialize with their neighbors. Seniors can form teams to win games such as bowling and bean bag toss. Games such as Poker and Black Jack seem to promote conversation among players. The game events also include golf, Bingo and various board games, and seniors can use all events to socialize with one another.

Margaritas Social: This is an event that allows seniors to mingle with their neighbors in the community. Seniors can enjoy delicious margaritas, great music and an evening of conversation. Attending the Margaritas Social gives seniors a way to break the ice and make new friends.

The other social events and activities include arts and crafts, clubs and field trips. Seniors are not forced to take part in the social gatherings at Manse on Marsh, but the staff does encourage them to stay active and meet their neighbors.

Whether seniors are playing a game of Poker or attending the Margaritas Social, they have plenty of opportunities to socialize with other residents of the community.  Read more about the facility from the Yelp reviews, or you can also check out their contact page to get in touch with the facility.

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Waseem Boraie Take On Newark Real Estate Leaders Vision For Diversification

Newark breakthrough model to diversify commercial and residential real estate for strategic economic development a win? The ideation – a working progress based on panelists feedback. A healthy turnout of real estate industry leaders attended this year’s Newark CRE Summit event. Chiefly, creating a lucrative market for investment opportunities and construction development has become a top priority.

A real estate business maven, Waseem Boraie injected with reasonable feedback. His firm, Boraie Development LLP recently secured a building project to erect a residential complex comprising 168 units along Rector Street. The EVP (Executive Vice-president), Boraie expressed the kindest sentiments towards the course of the intervention. With a couple thousand units spread across 5-10 Class A real estate developments already under construction and further expansion imminent, Boraie anticipates growth.

“The previous model that presented no options, especially for residential consumers. This new model should benefit both residential and commercial real estate endeavors to fuel economic growth throughout the city,” Boraie explained. Tucker Development Corp. chief executive Richard Tucker already invested $130 million developing real estate development in Newark. He’s launching his Springfield Avenue Marketplace, courtesy of his Illinois-based firm, Highland Park. This property comprises 152 market-rate retail shop space and apartments.

HFF brokerage firm managing director (senior), Jose Cruz supports the idea as well. He’s optimistic about the long-term benefits with a positive outlook on raising institutional capital, investment opportunities and more. Skoloff and Wolfe P.C. David Wolfe moderated the day-long discussion organized by CapRate Events. The larger population of panelists agree that completing a high volume of real estate projects won’t be a breezy undertaking. It’ll certainly require larger capital investments and time to accomplish. New Brunswick and Jersey City currently exploits the same strategy.

Real estate development expert, Wasseem Boraie fits into his dad’s grand vision. Omar Boraie is the visionary behind New Jersey-based boutique real estate developer, Boraie Development, LLC. His eldest son, Waseem became vice president 17+ years ago. A role he’s commanded expertly. He graduated NYU’s (New York University) Leonard N. Stern Business School with triple B.S. majors in English, Finance, and International Business.

He’s inherited his dad’s true passion for managing businesses and cultivated exemplary leadership skills. A key executive, Waseem injects himself into every aspect of the company’s operations and affairs. The latest cooperation Wasseem has landed comprises Newark economic development projects. He’s crafted quite a reputation as a prolific developer. The company’s masterpieces comprise upscale commercial residential units.

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